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Today’s demand for outdoor kitchens is rapidly growing but rapidly changing as well. After close to 20 years at building outdoor kitchens, our kitchens keep getting more unique and best of all, much more versatile.

Water Rock is known for building extremely high quality outdoor kitchens. We build our kitchens with heat resilient masonry construction and implement cutting edge technology using new admixes and enhancers to further increase our build quality. 

With our incredible 3D designs and outdoor kitchen appliance brands like Kalamazoo and Twin Eagles, we offer the best and latest in look, feel and function.

Every one of our clients can expect an amazing outdoor kitchen with superior function and longevity, not to mention award winning customer service.

If you’re interested and would like to know more, contact us for a free estimate and consultation. 210-473-8436

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Not Your Ordinary Outdoor Kitchen

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